Parish Councillors, Roles and Responsibilities

Hambledon PC Councillors

Hambledon Parish Council has 7 Councillors elected to serve the community for a 4-year term. The Parish Council is the first tier of local government with specific responsibilities, which include representing the community position to the District and County Councils on local issues, such as planning.

Vacancy on Hambledon PC Sept 2021

Notice of Vacancy for a Hambledon PC Councillor July 2021

Vacancy for a Co-opted Member on Hambledon PC Dec 2020

Notice of Vacancy for a Hambledon PC Councillor Nov 2020

Vacancy for a Hambledon PC Councillor 2019

Notice of Co-option 2019

Notice of Vacancy June 2019

Notice of Casual Vacancy for Hambledon PC 2018

Notice of Poll for Central Meon Valley 2018

Notice of Uncontested Election Hambledon 2018

Statement of Persons Nominated Central Meon Valley 2018

Election Notice Hambledon PC 2018

Election Notice Central Meon Valley 2018

The members of Hambledon Parish Council are:
Year 2021-2022

Councillor Position E-mail Address Membership of Working Groups/Committees
Captain Paul Quinn OBE RN(Rtd) Chairman p.quinn@hambledon-pc.gov.uk


Flood Action Group 

Village Hall Representative

Hambledon Greening

Lt Col Neil Mason (Rtd) Vice-Chairman n.mason@hambledon-pc.gov.uk

Planning (Chair)

Better Streets


Flood Action Group 

Dr John Thornton Member j.thornton@hambledon-pc.gov.uk

Finance (Vice-chair)


Better Streets

Highways, Roads & Transport

Mr Jim Twiney Co-opted Member j.twiney@hambledon-pc.gov.uk



Mr Chris Silcock Co-opted Member c.silcock@hambledon-pc.gov.uk

Recreation & Play (Vice-chair)

Tennis (Vice-chair)

Highways, Roads & Transport

Village Maintenance & Lengthsman (Vice-chair)


Hambledon Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

Mr Sam Dyson Co-opted Member s.dyson@hambledon-pc.gov.uk

Recreation & Play


Hambledon Greening

CURRENT VACANCY Co-opted Member    

Councillors' Register of Interests

Interested in knowing more about being a Parish Councillor? Follow this link for more information: So you want to be a Parish Councillor?

Also, there is further information in this publication Good Councillors Guide (2016) 

Please email (clerk@hambledon-pc.gov.uk) for all matters concerning the Parish Council.

County/District Councillors

Election of the District Councillor (WCC) for Central Meon Valley will take place by poll on Thursday 02 May 2019 between the hours of 7am and 10pm. A statement of the persons nominated can be found here, and the Notice of Poll here.

Your District Councillors are:

Cllr Linda Gemmell, lgemmell@winchester.gov.uk or 01489 895023

Cllr Frank Pearson, fpearson@winchester.gov.uk or 01489 892822

Cllr Vicki Weston, vweston@winchester.gov.uk or 01329 835161

Your County Councillor is Roger Huxstep.
You can contact him on roger.huxstep@hants.gov.uk or 01329 833884.

Your Member of Parliament is Mrs Flick Drummond.
You can contact her on flick.drummond.mp@parliament.uk or 0207 219 8018.