The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. It is probably the area of the Council's role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance. Our Local Planning Authority is the South Downs National Park (SDNP), although most decisions are delegated to Winchester City Council to determine on their behalf. Comments on applications can be made online via the SDNP (link below). Some useful resources follow:

SDNP Planning Portal 

(Once you are in the portal, type Hambledon in the keyword seach to show all applications, then select the one you wish to view.)

Conservation Area Map and Conservation Area Character Appraisal

Trees are protected in the Conservation Area and you must give six weeks' written notice to Winchester City Council of your intention to undertake works to any tree over 75 mm in diameter (measured 1.5m above ground level).  There are penalties for non-compliance. 

SDNP Newsletters

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For more information visit Winchester City Council's website at: www.winchester.gov.uk/planning/trees

Planning Enforcement

If you have concerns that there has been a breach of planning control, please contact Winchester City Council by one of the following methods:

  • by email to: enf@winchester.gov.uk
  • in writing to: Planning Enforcement Team, Winchester City Council, City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester, SO23 9LJ;
  • by telephone: 01962 848480; or
  • by visiting the City Offices and speaking to one of the Planning Enforcement Team’s Officers.

Southampton Airport Runway Extension

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AQUIND Interconnector

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Miscellaneous Documents

Note from Soberton PC re. Hedgerows & the Brown Hairstreak Butterfly Mar 2021:

Hi Everyone

I have been asked to write to you all to highlight a particular consideration that may be relevant to planning applications in your parish specifically on sites that have mixed native hedgerows.  
In the winter of 2017/2018 it was discovered that there is a population of a rare butterfly, the Brown Hairstreak which is a protected species, breeding in native hedgerows in and around Soberton.  The butterfly lays its eggs on blackthorn, which is likely to be present in most mixed native hedgerows in the area.  Since then the butterfly has been recorded as breeding in neighbouring parishes (including Droxford and Boarhunt), and is almost certainly more widespread than is currently known:  potentially it could well occur in suitable hedgerows in south east Hampshire.  We have published a note on this on the Soberton Parish Council website (also attached to this) which gives more details.  It is intended to refer to this species in the next VDS for Soberton and Newtown, and it has been suggested that it would be worth highlighting to you.

The potential presence of the butterfly has been raised as a relevant consideration in relation to planning applications which involve hedgerow destruction, or potential loss of protection when it is proposed to change use to domestic / residential.

The Soberton resident (Angus McCullough) who discovered the presence of this butterfly and has been studying it locally is happy to be contacted if you would like more information:  angus.mccullough@1cor.com  
Kind regards


HCC advice re. electrical charging of cars (Mar 2020)