Walk 7 - Hambledon to Denmead, returning via Wayfarer's Walk

Hambledon to Denmead, Returning via Wayfarer's Walk

Length: 4 miles

Take the road by The People's Market (Speltham Hill) then go through the kissing gate on the right. Follow the path on the level to the gates. Take the left-hand gate and climb up the hill left, passing the Jubilee seat. After the next gate the path initially runs between two fences, then along the edge of a field. On reaching the road, cross over to the lay-by and take the path through the gap beside the gate. The route goes past Bury Lodge park. Soon the path turns right under some trees and drops down to the main road. Taking care here, cross over and turn right for about 50 metres.

At the footpath sign and gate on your left, take the path that goes slightly left and uphill across the field. The path eventually reaches a road, where you turn left. At the main road, turn right. Look out for a signposted footpath on your left; take this and continue ahead as far as a T-junction, where you turn left. At the road, turn left, arriving at a road junction in a few yards, where you turn right. Take the next footpath on your left, crossing the field to the telegraph pole, over a stile and turn left. At the junction of paths by a post, bear left. On reaching the road turn right, then left onto a footpath. The path turns right then follows the edge of fields round several bends to another road. Cross over and take the field path ahead and downhill to the viewpoint. A seat is conveniently placed here for you to enjoy the superb view over the village and beyond. Descend the very steep hill carefully to the kissing gate and return to the start the way you came.