Walk 8 - Pithill and Glidden

Pithill and Glidden Walk

Length: 4 miles

Starting from The People's Market, go up Speltham Hill following the road right to the top. After it levels out, you reach a road junction signposted 'Pithill' - turn left here. Follow the lane downhill, then up a short hill where it bends left by some stables. At the next bend, take the stony track straight ahead. In just under a mile, after another track joins from the right, you will pass a barn. At the next junction go left. Around this area in summer, large numbers of swallows may be seen.

Immediately after a pond, turn left towards some farm buildings, where the path goes slightly right. The footpath then follows the line of the electricity poles across several fields, crossing a track and continuing across an arable field. Climb over a stile and continue past some buildings to a stile. Head between the horseboxes, going left then immediately right onto a narrow path between hedges. This path soon emerges onto the driveway of a house. Two roads meet at a fork here. Turn right onto the farthest road that goes downhill. This is Speltham Hill, the road you came up at the start, leading back to the People's Market.